Course Background

This course will provide an introduction to mobile application development using Ionic 4 to its participants. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to produce a mobile application via Android (apk) or iOS (Xcode installed) and will have a basic understanding about Ionic Framework as well as mobile application using a hybrid framework. Participants will be taught about the uses of components, providers and pipes and how to use them in an Ionic mobile application. There will also be a design module, teaching participants on basics of interface design on mobile apps. Participants will also be exposed to the Firebase web application back end platform. In addition to Firebase, participants will also be taught on the basic of API integration and building a basic Node Express Server with their Ionic application. Participants will also be taught about how to use Firebase Serverless Functions.

Course Outline



Introduction to Ionic Framework

About Ionic Framework

The Hybrid Model & PWA Model View Controller (MVC)


Installing Ionic Framework & its tools

Installing Command Line Interface (CLI)

Installing Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Installing Ionic & Cordova


Start A Project

Type Of Ionic Framework Projects -Blank



Create a “Hello World” Project


Generating Pages & Navigating to it

Generate an Ionic page setRoot, push and modal


Run A Project

Serving and testing your app on a browser and Ionic DevApp



Generating Providers, Components & Pipes

Using providers, components and pipes in your application and its uses in a mobile application


Designing Your Mobile Application

Basic design principles in mobile application design



Firebase by Google

About Firebase, using Auth & Realtime Database

Build a basic Ionic login page integrated with Firebase


Integrating Firebase with ionic


Build a basic To-Do List with Firebase as back end server


Using Firebase with Ionic


Integrating Firebase with Ionic



Firebase Serverless Function

Setting up Firebase Serverless Function


Turning your project into an app

Installing and setting up your system to turn your application into an Android (apk) or iOS App (via Xcode)


Publishing your app, what to do

How to publish your app, preparing app for publish

Who is the Trainer?

Razman Yusof Bin Mohd Sarit

Razman has been involved in the education and IT industry for nearly 2 decades. Razman has a Bachelors in Engineering degree in the field of Computer Interactive Systems from the University Of Birmingham, UK and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the Wolverhampton University, UK. He has been involved in multiple IT related projects ranging from hardware, network, system integration, system development and software development. Razman was also a former director at Kolej Teknologi Timur (KTT), a position he had held for 8 years.

Razman received a grant from MDEC as part of its ICON program in 2015. In 2017, Razman led a team called Ukay Wizards, a mobile application development team, and won the grand prize at the Malaysia Airlines Hackathon Competition. Razman and his team developed a mobile application that would assist unaccompanied minors travelling alone, a unique technology that was developed within 24 hours. In the same year, his team, the Ukay Wizards, was invited to enter the MDEC National Big App Challenge and were again victorious taking home the grand prize.

The Ukay Wizards is a team of 3 including Razman. The other 2 members were trained by Razman and specialised in mobile application development and back end server development. As the most senior member of the team, Razman ensured that his team mates have all the necessary skills to be part of the team to succeed in both competitions that they entered.

Razman has so far trained over 500+ students in mobile apps development ranging from new recruits in his own company to private courses with various students. Some of his students have went on to become skillful software developers in their own right.


Class to be limited to 15 maximum participants (depending on the participants qualifications and basic knowledge). All participants above 18 years old.

What should I bring during the class?

You’ll need to bring your own laptop and smartphone.