Ionic is one of the most exciting technologies you can learn at the moment – it enables you to use one codebase (written in HTML, JS and CSS) to build and ship apps as normal (progressive) web apps as well as real native mobile apps for iOS and Android. In this training, you will learn the latest version of Ionic from scratch with no prior knowledge about it assumed.

What You Will Learn?

  • Ionic Framework
  • Ionic UI Components
  • Ionic Modules, Pages and Providers
  • Ionic Navigation
  • Ionic Native and Cordova Plugins
  • Building and Publishing the App

Who is the Trainer?


Muhelen is the Co-founder and CTO of OTPAM, who has over 2 decades of experience in IT related projects and has taught mobile apps development for over 700+ various students, teachers and lecturers in Malaysian Universities, Institutes, Colleges, Secondary and Primary Schools. He has been involved in many Websites and Mobile Apps related collaboration projects with Government, Corporates, and Non-Governmental Organisations.

Any requirement to attend this class?

  • Basic HTML, JS and CSS knowledge is required

What should I bring during the class?

  • You’ll need to bring your own laptop and smartphone.